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Wages settlement 2018
Comments to each point in the protocol
Innovator to UK
Agreement on wages and working conditions for MDN employees in connection with the Mærsk Innovator yardstay in the UK and Innovator Resource Pool 
MAF info
An INFO dealing with the NPD, Course for Medics, dispute Intergrator and Workload Electricians / ET. 
MAF info
An Info that deals with the OD, El / ET, meetings, wage settlement onshore, Hydraulics, work VO’s and the resource pool.
MAF Info
An info on project catering 6-110, tax in DK on PFA-pension, OD, workload EL / ET, G4 welding and travel regulations.
This explains what happens if someone is considered dismissed in connection with staffing / lack of assignment with us Maersk Drilling Norge.
MAF Info
An info relevant to courses for medics, resource pool, compensation for traveling expences, PFA, welding course for Eng Mech and meetings at heliport.
MAF info
The main reason is that the rig Maersk Reacher is out of work after termination of current contract during the month of July.
MAF info
Information related to Collective Agreement Section 3.7 (The right to disembark in ones leisure time), Rig administrator on Maersk Inspirer, Updating of the protocols and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Now with update from MDN!
MAF info
Some information related to Guardian, Giant, redundancies and rotations.
Dismissals 2015
If it came down to a mass dismissal the employer has to inform Nav of the situation and they have to provide you with a form PD U1/N-301 that allows you to claim benefits from your home nation, you need that to show the Uk you have been paying into the Norwegian system and that then allows you to still qualify for benefits in the UK. 
MAF Info
Whether you choose to take the meeting over the phone or, if you prefer to show up at the Maersk office, then MAF whatever be present for all members.
MAF Info
MAF has received lot of inquiries about this, therefore, we wish to provide information on the process.
MAF info
Discussions have been carried out between MAF and MDN.
Mærsk Giant and Maersk Guardian are terminating their contracts and Mærsk Gallant will be changing the contract.
Tariff negotiations 2015
During the last week we have informed on the process taken place before a possible industrial conflict is initiated, now we tell on.... 
Tariff negotiations 2015
As you all will know by now thursday 21st of May 2015 it came to a collapse in the negotiations between the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NR) and Industri Energi (IE) over this year’s wage adjustments for the second year of the Collective Agreement. (There is also breakdown in the negotiations for SAFE and DSO over the same agreement).
MAF Info
This is an info cencerning "Warning Letter", "Renewal of certificates acc. to STCW", "Apprentices 2015", "Manning in the safety service", "International SOS" and "Preshift meetings".
Everyone has or will one of these days receive a letter from Maersk Drilling Norway (MDN).
Here comes an info about pension for offshore employees.
MAF Info
This is an info concerning "International SOS", "Hiring in from Danbor", "Crane Operator/Ass. Crane Operator", "Calculation of loss of leisure time", "Reviewing of local protocols" and "G4 welding certification".
This is an info concerning MAF office, new MAF secretary, initiated courses, VO seminar, "Giant" as a hotel and new apprentices. 
This is an info which deals with International SOS, Yard Stay for "Intrepid" and welders on "Gallant".
Election MDN AS
You have now received election materials for this board election.
MAF sets with their own list and we encourage strongly recommend that members vote on this now that the election has begun.
This is an INFO that deals with many issues.
Wage settlement in 2014
Here follows a description on how the preparation and negotiations are carried out in the main wage settlement for employees offshore covered by the NSA Collective Agreement for mobile offshore units.
Norwegian offshore medicals
The medicals issued prior to 1st January 2014 will still be valid until current expiry date, but all new medicals should be issued by a doctor approved by Fylkesmannen i Rogaland.
Info on: Apprentices, Safety manning and reductions in the workforce at industrial actions, Stay in dockyard for Mærsk Gallant, Ongoing survey on the welder position and position of Motorman on the G-rigs.
Info on: insurance, workforce reduction "Inspirer", protocol for working in Singapore, Mech / welder, BP WELS, new positions XLE rigs and taxes.
We have now added many local protocols.
MAF Info
Info on: Drilling well control room, changes in work schedules, insurance, employment in Singapore, video surveillance and downsizing of personnel.
Tax abroad
In 2012, the "Giant" and "Innovator" a period of shipyards in Denmark. Now running into issues, we have asked MDN tell employees.
Are you finding that you have to login with a password on certian attachments on the website, please contact your local shop steward for access.
Waiting time
When are you actually entitled to compensation for waiting time at delayed departure?
Now MAF and MDN agree on how this is to be compensated. 
Info on CETOP2 training, collective agreement paragraph 4.2.3, course-rescue in the height and negotiations on working conditions for personnel related to the start-up of XLE-rigs. 
Tentative hitches
Now you are supposed to know when and who you are going to substitute for when doing extra hitches. The same applies for a fixed date of return.
Info will deal with "tentative travel", " The Union Alliance Project ", "XLE rigs" and "cetop 2 training".
Wage settlements 2012

Here are comments on this year's wage for offshore employees.

MAF informs topics assistent rig engineer, rigg visits, manning XLE rigs, pension for expatriates, travel insurance and elections to the Board of MDN AS.
MAF Info
Here are some info about: promotion internally within the company, training committee, manning of XLE rigs, workplace reviews on Maersk Inspirer, wage bargaining with NSA, bonus for long service, position Ass. Rig Engineer, daily subsistence allowance, position of Senior Process Operator, Section 22 in Collective Agreement: Arrangements for older workers, company sport, CETOP 2 training, rig visits, shop steward conference and night shift allowance.
21.february 2012
Information on course location, leave entitlements, manning of XLE-rigs and education of Hydraulic Engineers/Rigfloor Mechanics
Wage settlement 2012

Here are vigorous claims for this years’ wage settlement. These requirements will be forwarded to the Negotiating Committee who in turn will decide on which claims to be presented before the employers. 


16.january 2012

Here is some information about Annual General Meeting, Election to the MAF Board, The Educational Committee in MDN, Organisational Changes "Maersk Inspirer", Manning on slurry "MAERSK REACHER", Welding skills "MAERSK REACHER", Manning XLE rigs, Asst rig engineer and Education for Hydraulich Engineers/Rigfloor Mechanics.

We thank all members of the old year is passed. We wish you all a happy new year. A special greeting goes to those who are offshore and to those loved ones waiting at home.

Company cabins
We have now received contribution for cabins (NOK 300 000,-). As you will know this amount “disappeared” in connection with the financial crisis 2 years ago. That means we intend to have 4 cabins in total within a short time. 
Ass. Technical Supervisor
A short update after the meeting held at the office at the 29.11.11 regarding wages negotiations for the position Ass. Techical Supervisor.
Board election in MAF

To all members !

December 1 is here and today we have forwarded voting material to home for each and everyone of you.

Conditional notice of lay-off
In connection with collective bargaining, SAFE has presented a notice of collective dismissal for all of their members. Shutdown of work may be initiated 28 June 2011, after 24:00 hours.
Offshore settlement 2011

The settlement for offshore employees is done. We have received some questions which will be attended to. 

Info pursuant to monthly meeting

Slurry operators, hotel bookings, narcotics, contractual pension scheme (AFP) and then some are subjects being discussed.

This year's wage settlement for offshore personnel starts on May 24.
”Mærsk Reacher”
MAF is presently working intensively to achieve an agreement for the intake of "Reacher" to Norway. The agreement must also include many other aspects.
MAF-Board meeting November 2010
Board of MAF has decided to submit some info from topics being attended to after every board meeting of the local branch.
Monthly meeting September 2010
MAF will give you some info about the present topics and what's presently being discussed and negotiated with the company. Additionally we are handling a lot of individual personal matters which will not be referred to in this info.
Engine Mechanic
The position “Engine Mechanic” has been wrongly paid since first established on the “Maersk Innovator”. All personnel who have held this position will have their wages group changed from C to B. The regulation will be performed with pay back of all personnel involved and of course the personnel in the same position on the “Maersk Inspirer” will be encompassed.
On a monthly basis a co-operation and negotiation meeting between MAF and MDN is arranged. Related to this the local union publish a ”MAF-INFO” with relevant information of public interest.
On a monthly basis a co-operation and negotiation meeting between MAF and MDN is arranged. Related to this the local union publish a ”MAF-INFO” with relevant information of public interest.
MAF has been informed that the limit for mediation is set to 24:00 hours June 23rd.Mediation will be initiated at the State Mediators office at 10:00 hours Tuesday June 23nd.
On a monthly basis a co-operation and negotiation meeting between MAF and MDN is arranged. Related to this the local union publish a ”MAF-INFO” with relevant information of public interest. In this edition the information for the months of April and May are combined.
This year negotiations to start in Oslo May 27th. As usual MAF will keep members continuously updated during negotiations.
On a monthly basis a co-operation and negotiation meeting between MAF and MDN is arranged. Related to this the local union publish a ”MAF-INFO” with relevant information of public interest.
On a monthly basis a cooperation and negotiation meeting is arranged between MAF and MDN. The local branch will issue a ”MAF-INFO” with relevant information of common interest after every monthly meeting.
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