Info after monthly meeting with the company in July 2018

An information about the OD, Courses for Medics, Settlement onshore employees, Intrepid, Substitutes on call, and Workload Electricians / ET.
Info after monthly meeting with the company in July 2018
Operator Drilling
The company has now promised a final feedback to the next meeting, 22 August. MAF will then assess, pursuant to the response from the company, whether to pursue the case. Eventually, the matter will be submitted to the Permanent Position Committee which will have to re-evaluate the matter.

AMLS and PHTLS courses for Medics
The problem is about a self-study of about 30 hours. The company wants this to be completed when offshore. MAF knows that this may be difficult or impossible to accomplish. Compensation for self-study is of course also an issue.

Salary settlement for onshore employees
We had one meeting with the company on July 24th to try understand the principles on how the company will adjust/regulate the wages of the employees working at the office. As you probably know, each employee is assessed through different processes before the salary adjustment is decided. The processes around this were thoroughly reviewed and MAF has come up with some input on how we believe this process can be improved. A final feedback from MAF on the actual salary adjustment for our members in the company will be presented in August after discussions with the members.

Intrepid - downsizing to hotel mode
In this process, MAF has been informed that 15 positions in the Drilling Department will be taken away. Now it turns out that the company has changed this to 12 positions in drilling and 3 positions as Safety. MDN states that an assessment has been made and that the need for extra personnel on the deck weighs heavier than the Safety position.
MAF and the Safety Service question the need for Safety positions in relation to the activity on board, including 5-year classification and other "non-routine jobs".

Temps on call
MAF has requested the company to check into wage setting, payment of courses and health certificates for those who have worked for us as Temps-on-call. 
The Collective Agreement states the following: 
4.1.3 Seniority for substitutes 
Substitutes are earning seniority according to the same regulations that apply for permanently employed. For example one year of service is calculated for one man-year (1460 hours) offshore. 

9.7 Temporary employees
With regards to temporary employees who have worked in the company for minimum one working year (1460 hours), the company will cover the course fee for refresher of Basic safety training and First aid training, and also doctor’s fee for renewal of the Health Certificate. 
Workload for Electricians and Et’s
As a result of this case also being dealt with by S-AMU, we have been promised 4 extra Electricians in the Resource Pool to be dedicated to help out with earth faults and EX maintenance.
MAF believes, however, that this is not enough to solve all the challenges in the Technical Department, we therefore maintain our initial claim that there should be one Electrician extra on all crews so that there at any time will be two Electricians and two ETs on board.

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