Safe is on strike, IndustriEnergi (IE) is not

The trade union Safe has decided to go on strike. We as employed in MDN are currently not directly affected by the strike, but we may be affected.
Safe is on strike, IndustriEnergi (IE) is not
As you probably have already heard and read, the trade union Safe has initiated a legal industrial action. The strike does not currently affect us, but it may happen. Then there will be a question about any layoffs on specific rig. 

Today, an email from IE has been sent to all members who are working within the industry section «mobile units» on the NCS (as we are) about how to act if being suspended due to the ongoing conflict. Here you will also find links to news and general information. 
Below we have pasted mail sent out and the attachments are also available.
An eventual conflict wages support will be paid directly by IE. But first, you have to apply for unemployment benefits at NAV.
From IndustriEnergi: 
Hello everyone

We acknowledge that SAFE has chosen to go on strike on the tariff agreement for offshore drilling vessels. We at Industri Energi are not on strike due to our negotiation partys are satisfied regarding this years` negotiation on the tariff agreement. 

Please refer to this link if you wish to find more information about this years` negotiations, 

If you require additional specifications regarding AFP+1G in particular, please consult the following: https://www.industrienergi.no/nyheter/flyteriggavtalen-informasjon-pensjonsgarantiordningen-afp1g-og-arets-oppgjor/

You can also access more information about the outcome of this years` negotiation in the attached flyer. 

At Industri Energi, we feel it is crucial to follow the labor rights of other unions to go on strike and we are dedicated to help with shutting down rigs that affected by strikes. 

Employees on strike are required to follow strike protocol. 
Due to the mandatory nature of a strike, it is forbidden for employees to have other workers take over duties or responsibilities that are meant to be carried out by those on strike. Strike breakers are employees that go against striking obligations and carry out work or responsibilities that are normally performed by employees on strike. 
In other words, if an employee on strike is missing from a position offshore, it is not allowed to get someone else in the workplace to do this job. For example, if a Derrick man is missing due to a strike, no-one else is allowed to perform the tasks associated with this position. 
There is then an opportunity for employers to assign non-strike staff to other foreclosure tasks, such as cleaning, maintenance, etc. 
Even if we are not on strike, Industri Energi is commited to showing solidarity towards legitimate labor conflicts, as we expect the same treatment when forced in to a similar situation. 

A significant number of our members are facing the possibilities of a temporary work leave for the duration of the SAFE strike. By paying a compensation, Industri Energi will financially assist affected members who do not receive unemployment benefits from NAV. 

Those who get a temporary work leave must register with NAV and apply for unemployment benefits. If your application is rejected, you must take care of documentation and keep track of lost work hours. 

Industri Energi wishes that compensations be paid through the various clubs and departments. Please check your club's website, Facebook page, or consult your electoral representative in order to get the information needed for you to collect your compensation. If a club or department is not able to pay the compensation, Industri Energi will pay to member directly.

Industri Energi will pay strike benefits to our members whom are being temporary laid off. 

Please fill out the forms with accurate information to ensure faster proceedings. 
Workplace branches / departments only need to send in a complete overview on an excel file. 

Send all strike benefit requirements to Tone Risan; tone.risan@industrienergi.no

Hope this information was useful, you can follow the situation on our website; https://www.industrienergi.no/ 

Best regards

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