Agreement for Inspirer to Norway

Almost identical offshore agreement with 2-4 rotation onshore until new year 2020 - very satisfied.
Agreement for Inspirer to Norway
The agreement applies from crewing of the rig in Denmark, the transit to Hanøytangen (Bergen), transit to Egersund and stay at the shipyard in Egersund and further until the rig is in operation offshore, expected at new year 2020.

Here we have obtained an agreement that is almost identical to the 2-4 offshore agreements. The exceptions to the offshore agreement are minimal and include amendment to the waiting time provisions pursuant to protocol dated 28 May 2014 from the central settlement. 
Furthermore, ammendment to the definition of reporting point. Offshore agreements refers to heliports as reporting point for work. This local agreement states the yard to be reporting point.

In recent months we have had numerous discusions with the company about the intake of Inspirer and stay at shipyards in Norway. All "ghosts" relating to the question of transfer of undertaking from Denmark are closed. That we eventually would obtain such a local agreement in these times is quite unique. 
MAF is not familiar with any other similar agreement in the industry.
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