Info from monthly meeting with the company in May 2018

An INFO dealing with the NPD, Course for Medics, dispute Intergrator and Workload Electricians / ET.
Info from monthly meeting with the company in May 2018
Operator Drilling.
The subject was on the agenda again at last month's meeting. The company needed more time.
MAF has been busy with the wages settlement during the last week where we tried really hard to promote lifting of the Operator Drilling position in the wages matrix. We did not succeed, not quite unexpected, as we are the only ones who have just this type of position. Therefore, it became difficult to get understanding and support for the claim. But we are working on the matter ... 

AMLS and PHTLS course for medics.
MAF fully understands the frustration among the medics regarding the way this are supposed to be implemented. We have requested the company to look into other ways. We have not received feedback yet to clarify the subject.
In anticipation of this we have submitted an email to the company where we claim that these courses be stopped until they find a solution that is feasible. 

Dispute overtime payment for crew meetings, Intergrator.
In this case MAF has handed our dispute protocol over to the company. The dispute will now be forwarded to Industri Energi and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NR) for processing.
Having said that, this matter may take time to resolve. There are many cases under consideration, so any quick clarification is not expected. 

Workload for Electricians and ET.
There was no clarification at S-AMU on 22.05.18 on when this survey for Technical Department will be effected.
As a result, MAF is now considering to dispute on this part of our already ongoing case, which deals with the workload for Electricians and Ets.This is unless the company meet our demands within SMFM at the 20.06.18.
We require that there be 3 electricians on a permanent basis on each of the XLE rigs. 
This is based on all feedback, discussions, meetings, etc.
MAF nevertheless believes that it is very important that this survey, regardless of its form, be conducted so that other positions in the Technical Department can get their everyday situation highlighted. 
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