Uncertainty concerning Covid-19 quarantines

New regulations create frustration and despair.
Uncertainty concerning Covid-19 quarantines
The new regulations that Norway is now introducing have made everyday life for those with a foreign address even worse.
When at the same time there is full confusion around the application, it does not make the matter any better. Employees from non-"EU RED" areas have been asked to practice the 10-day quarantine, in "case" the areas turn red. This is not acceptable for us and we have asked the company for an explanation.

MAF addressed Industri Energi (IE) already on Tuesday this week to put pressure on our central parties, IE and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NR), to claim that we as an industry will retain the exemption with 5 days and 2 tests. This must then be addressed to authorities who have introduced the regulations, so here central parties have a challenge. We feel that our industry have been hit unfairly hard on this, and not least Maersk with about 270 employees with foreign address are being punished by the fact that they are subjected to the new regulations just introduced, without taking into account that this is an industry that has shown that it may perform when having mechanisms that make the system with quarantine and testing are working.

There has been a total of 9 cases in the entire offshore industry so far. It is to be mentioned that the majority are in the same company – no names to be mentioned. In Equinor, they now pass 100,000 persons joining the offshore units without infection.
Yesterday, MAF attended a meeting with the IE Central and the local unions branches in Equinor, AkerBP, Copno, COSL, Seadrill, Archer, Halliburton and Oceaneering where, once again, we examined all the problems.

MAF presented our views and we learned that the other companies experienced much the same problems.

Common regulations, restoring of the previous exception used and possibly implement quick testing of all personnel will be recommendations submitted to IE as a claim from the industry when IE are to face our problems.
We believe and hope that the central parties in the working life will meet as soon as possible.
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