2 new protocols

Invincible to Norway, Intrepid to Denmark
2 new protocols

Two protocols have been signed today

As regards the protocol for Invincible, there is an agreement on how the rig is to be manned before it is moved to the Norwegian sector with regard to staffing etc. The agreement has similarities with protocols we have drawn up previously under similar conditions. In short, the rig is being manned already today and conditions are like working on the Norwegian continental shelf.

As for the protocol for Intrepid, it also has similarities to what we have done previously. At worst, the rig is without a contract from the beginning of September. It is then moved to Grenå in Denmark without any form of contract and put into "strike mode". Norwegian conditions for those who are employed by MDN until the rig is removed by MDN employees. MAF has thought that we should put the rig in circulation in Norway.
It may be that some personnel are asked to work on board at the beginning of the circulation period in Denmark, the request will then be made in accordance with the agreement to work single trips outside the Norwegian sector but with Norwegian conditions. This will be voluntary for each individual.

Otherwise, it is enough to say that all these changes have been taken into account when we had downsizing this spring. There will be no new possible rounds of dismissal at the present time, as said, these were effected before the summer.

Here you will find the English version of the protocols
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