Info from monthly meeting with the company - October 2019

An info about apprentices in Tech-dep/maritime, hiring in of Crane Operator, oil-based drilling mud, and Intreprid crew optimization project.
Info from monthly meeting with the company - October 2019

Apprentices in Technical Dep/Maritime dep 
As we have informed in previous info, MAF’s intention and desire has been to look for opportunities to attract apprentices to the Technical and Maritime Departments.

In the Maritime Department, it looks like it may be a long process on implementation as Norwegian authorities has to be involved. MAF has forwarded this case on to the Industri Energi.

When it comes to the Technical Department, the interest from MDN and other companies in the mobile rig industry is more positive. It seems like apprentices for Electrician are the most topic. Then we just have to wait and see if the mobile rig industry will suceed in their efforts.

Hiring-in of Crane Operator at Interceptor
In previous Info’s during recent months we have informed about hiring of Crane Operator related to the SPS in June. MAF is still awaiting feedback on a number of questions from the company.

Practicing the Agreement on Oil-based Drilling Mud
The company has had a wish to change the present Agreement on the praticing of Oil-based Drilling Mud. MDN has presented a number of proposals for ammendments, but MAF will retain the current inforce Agreement. The company has informed us that they are taking this into consideration. Then we just have to wait for what they will come up with.

Intreprid crew optimization project 
MAF has been contacted by Intrepid crew about what this project is all about.
The company provides information on how to best ensure competence across the rig in MDN.
So far, no changes have been implemented, but if changes are planned the HR will be involved. MAF is on the case.

Some more…
This week, the first shop steward conference this year will be arranged in Stavanger. A total of 17 persons are registered. The next conference will be held in November.
MAF will visit Inspirer in Egersund next week. Wednesday and Thursday in the same week MAF will pay visits to the heliports. 
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