Terminations in Maersk Drilling Norway as

100 employees lose their jobs - a sad day!
Terminations in Maersk Drilling Norway as
 In recent days, MAF has participated in discussions related to downsizing of personnel in the company.

COVID-19 and the decline in oil prices are the triggering factor. In the present situation our clients tighten up on investments, postpone projects and want to spend minimum money. This situation is facing us now. 

AkerBP has terminated the contract with Maersk Reacher and the rig is likely to be moved to Denmark. Other projects are postponed indefinitely by several of our customers. As a result, unfortunately, this leads to approximately 100 dismissals in MDN.

Employees who are considered terminated will be contacted directly by MDN by the end of this week for invitations to individual discussions in accordance with § 15-1 of the Working Environment Act, where final decisions regarding dismissals will be made following these discussions with a final decision expected within the end of this month.

MAF will assist all members who wish to attend these meetings. The meetings will take place by telephone on Monday and Tuesday of next week (April 27-28).
Attached you will find information from the company.
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