No change in rotations - Main focus should be on quarantine challenges

On Friday, April 3, an extraordinary meeting was convened for all leaders of the local branches within the scope of the NR Collective Agreement relating to Mobile Offshore Units.
No change in rotations - Main focus should be on quarantine challenges

Participants in the meeting additional to the Board of the NR-Forum were 2 deputy leaders in Industri Energi along with others from the union’s central Negotiating Section.  

One of the topics discussed were rotation arrangements other than 2-4. It has now been decided that one will not work to change the rotation from the one we have today.

MAF believes that changing quarantine regulations is of the utmost importance. One must try to find alternative solutions, which may be, home quarantine, shorter quarantine period if you do not travel by public transport, own transport and as a minimum that you have the same regulation as towards Sweden and Finland.
The Union must prioritize this work and now it is becoming urgent. The MAF urges the IE to contact the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NR) as soon as possible and again put pressure on the bodies that may influence this. It is just as important to evaluate what is safety-critical personnel as there are no positions in our industry defined to be. When we see how the oil companies are acting because they are considered to have functions that are safety-critical, we mean that our foreign workers should be treated equally and not where you are employed will be crucial. You are not less contagious if you have a position that is defined as critical to security.
Maersk Drilling Norway follows the guidelines provided by the Institute of Public Health (FHI) and that changes must be decided at national level. We see that the oil companies organize this in different ways also for those living in Norway.

Here, all employers and employers' organizations must make an effort for the industry, so that they may find solutions that can actually be implemented.
It cannot be more wrong than when a resident of Sweden can go to the pub in the evening before going offshore, and one who resides for example in Denmark or the UK must quarantine for 14 days. The disparity is well understood when considering those who are in quarantine and so come ‘clean’ out on the rig to meet Norwegians and Swedes who have completely different regulations. This must now be settled, and it is urgent.

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