General info July 2021

Some info about Inspirer, AFP in Repsol, Floorhands, smoke diver certificate, quarantine / compensation and Relief pool.
General info July 2021
Sale of Maersk Inspirer
The Interim Board is now up and running, and we naturally invite all those who become part of the transfer of undertaking to support the new Board and continue as members of IndustriEnergi with all the benefits provided. 
MAF has attended many meetings with IE to make this happen, and we have received full support from central federation.

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About AFP in Repsol
Regarding previous article here on the web site ‘MAFsiden’ on 28 May "Sale of Maersk Inspirer info 2".
It is important to point out that AFP (Contractual Pension) is a pension scheme that does not apply to any offshore employees in MDN, and for that reason we obviously have no accrual period to transfer to another company which is encompassed by the scheme. 
Industri Energi also states that they will offer free pension advice to all affected via the adviser "Tredjepart"

Rental of Floorhands 
The company states that they have challenges in recruiting Floorhands fast enough, so therefore they use temporary employment agencies. 
The plan is for MDN to hire in personnel for three trips, and then offer permanent employment to those who qualify. 
MAF is following up on the case, and we have pointed out to the company that this should not be a new way of hiring in, but that it should lead to permanent employment after a maximum of 3 trips.

Requirements for smoke diver certificate are removed for MDN Crane Operators 
Following several years of discussions, it has finally been decided that the requirement for a public Smoke Diver Certificate will be removed from the Training and Qualification Matrix for Crane Drivers.
Reference is made to the minutes from the last meeting of the T&C group on 22 April. Nutec and ResQ have slightly different solutions on how to participate in the Search & Rescue Team course without having passed the smoke diver test. However, this is now possible at both course centers, where the leader of the fire brigade will be able to attend courses, either at an alternative event or get an exemption for the smoke diver part. 
Personnel who cannot pass the smoke diver test will then participate in courses as described above.
Important to be noted: 
We see this as a great benefit for those who really fail to complete the test. But both we in MAF and the company strongly encourage you to continue to complete the test and the entire course for all those who possibly are able to. 

Quarantine and compensation
Although there are currently lights in the tunnel, the case about compensation in general, as well as all the other cases we have received about missing rights to lack of leave, right to sickness benefits during the quarantine period, etc. are by no means forgotten. 
IE's deputy leader Lill-Heidi Bakkerud participated in a Teams session for the 27 participants at our Annual General Meeting on 2 June where she received questions and informed about the subject. 
The lawyers in LO have just called for more examples and we have been in dialogue with IE on the subject. 
What else the plans are and how quickly something will happen, we presently have not yet received any information.  
Despite the fact that it is important for the Lawyers to prepare 100% for this case, we believe that it has taken too long time and we will continue to push for more information.

Relief pool and Quarantine
We have raised the subject that employees in the Relief Pool living outside Norway are asked to stay in Norway during their time off period and preferably for a longer period of time, and some of the employees feel compelled to do so. 
The company is aware that employees have remained in Norway between two hitches. The company state that this is at own request on the part of the employee as they would like to be able to use their available days over a shorter period of time and thereby reduce their quarantine periods. The company also state that there is currently a high level on number of sick leave and it is not to be disregarded that there may have been some pressure from the company. 
The Company want to have a dialogue and are not aware that anyone is being forced to do so. 
The company states that if this poses a problem for any individual employees, they are encouraged to contact either MAF or HR. 
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