Info following monthly meeting with the company in April 2019

An info dealing with Tax Treaty, Chela crane, TMS, Smoke Divers Test, Apprentices in Technical Department / Maritime, Work beyond normal working hours and MLS and PHTls course for medics.
Info following monthly meeting with the company in April 2019

Tax Agreement for work abroad.
As mentioned in the last newsletter, this applies for those who participated on the tow from Korea in 2017, but new information suggests that also those who were working in the UK sector in 2018 may find a use for the Tax Agreement. This will depend on whether the individual is taxed in the UK or in Denmark, the company believes that it depends on whether the income is above or below the English Standard Deduction. MAF cannot confirm this finally yet.

For those who is going to make use of the Tax Agreement, it is important to transfer all interest deductions to their spouse previous to sending their statement to KPMG. The agreement says that the company is not obliged to compensate for interest deductions that might have been transferred. The Agreement also states that the company should not compensate for the standard deduction that could have been transferred to the spouse, but MAF has disputed this last point because it allegedly inflicts major challenges if it will be possible to be done at all. The company has promised to respond to this as soon as possible. We will revert with information as soon as there are new facts.

New Chela crane on Maersk Invincible
Installation of the foundation of the crane starts this week.
A meeting is planned with Maersk and AkerBP regarding questions raised by the MAF / Safety Service on the matter.
MAF and the Security Service will both participate at the meeting this presently  awaiting notice.
A FAT on the Chela Crane will be carried out this week.
From the workers' organization point of view it is regarded as a breach from the companys’ side on "2019 Key Priority: Integrated Delivery" that MDN personnel should not operate this crane.

Training Management Solutions (TMS)
It was informed that MD in Lyngby on March 12, 2019 has presented a tender for the operation of TMS (Training Management Solution) in MD.
The services provided by two course coordinators in MDN today, in addition to what has been tested in the TMS pilot, are also considered to be outsourced to others. This may mean that the two course coordinators in MDN may also be affected by the tender that is submitted by MD Lyngby, but the management of MDN should consider this.
It is emphasized by MAF and the Safety Service that there has been no employee participation in this condition of tenders. Any organizational changes are also not dealt with in the Office AMU, and so not considered by that body.

Smoke Diver certificate
In order for employees to be reminded in good time prior to the Smoke Diver Test is to be renewed, the Smoke Diver Test is now added as a qualification in the Training Matrix. So, lists will be printed and submitted to the rigs on quarterly basis.

Apprentices in the Technical Department / Maritime Department
MAF has presented to the company that they should look at the possibility of attracting apprentices within the sector of Technical / Maritime personnel. The company states that apprentices will not be engaged in the Technical Department in the autumn of 2019, but they will forward the matter to the Operations.

Work beyond normal working hours:
Several positions have very much work beyond normal working hours. MAF and KHVO believe that the workload is so high that new manning analyzes must now be prepared on the rigs. This is based on the fact that both the workload, type of work and manning have changed after the rigs came into operation.

AMLS and PHTl's course for the Medics.
For clarification: The Matrix states 30 hours of preparation for each course. 
This means that the Medic and OIM are supposed to find room for these 30 hours on the last trip before having an exam.
The rest of the hours you can't manage to spend on preparation when offshore, must be approved by OIM, so the extra missing hours may used at home on overtime.
All OIM`s should now be informed about this for the second time, by now there is hopefully sitting someone….

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