Info following monthly meeting with the company March 2019

The info contains subjects like Agreement on Taxation, Chela Crane, TMS, extra AD, Smoke Divers test, Medhelp, Waiting at heliports, “Daily Safety Leader”, Certificate of Trade for workers on deck, Apprentices in the Technical Department / Maritime Department, reporting of absence, Welders, evaluation of junior personnel and emergency training of substitites at Reacher.
Info following monthly meeting with the company March 2019

Tax agreement for work abroad.
Info for those who participated on the tow from Korea in 2017, and hence became more extensively taxed in Denmark.
MAF has received several inputs from employees who have not been able to transfer their personal tax exemption back to the spouse, which means that they are not credited the acctual additional tax they have been deducted when working abroad.
The agreement says that the company should not take into account tax benefits such as transfer of debt interests that cannot be utilized. But if the present tax system in Denmark does not, as previously, allow you to transfer the total personal excemption to the spouse, so our Tax Agreement no longer works as intended. We have therefore registered the case with the company, which will first check with the Tax Manager and KPMG before they will come up with their position on the case.

Training Management Solutions (TMS)
MAF still believes it must be regarded as outsourcing that FALCK NUTEC should book all the regular courses. MAF therefore requires real employee participation when this is going to be further evaluated.

Extra AD at Invincible.
MAF is still concerned about whether Extra ADs reveive the competence they need in the drilling operation. We therefore suggested to make use of logging of data for a period, but this is not desirable on part of the operation to log hours spent in the drilling chair etc .. but the company agrees that equal training of the personnel must be ensured.

Waiting time at Heliport beyond 10 hours.
The company has investigated the matter and presented an overview that showed that this does not happen very often. But they will, nevertheless, inform the Rig Management to be aware that tired employees may come offshore as a result of a long waiting time at the heliport. This in order for the Management to arrange for rest if necessary. 

Reporting of absence.
A Mail-Info has been submitted on the process on how to report absence of sickness. For those who are still uncertain, they may contact their HR Coordinator.
It is pointed out that the form attached is meant to be for voluntary assistance for the employee to bring along to the doctor for assessment of a possible remaining ability for work.

MAF believes that the assignments MedHelp perform today may be carried out by MDN personnel.
Based on the evaluation meeting in the autumn of 2018, a decision was made to continue with the scheme for another year, ie until 31 October 2019.
MAF requests to be involved in the further decisions in evaluating the use of Medhelp.

Invincible- ”Daily Safety Leader”.
MAF has filed a case with the company stating that individuals may be acting as "Daily Safety Manager" on a daily basis. The company to report back.

Certificate of Trade for workers on deck.
MAF requests that the company, through their organization, will evaluate to establish a Certificate of Trade for personnel working on deck. We await feedback. 

Apprentices in the Technical Department / Maritime Department 
MAF wants the company to look into the possibility of attracting apprentices within the discipline of technical / maritime personnel. We await feedback. 

Evaluation of junior personnel 
The Asset Team / MDN took the initiative to conduct a pilot for evaluation interviews for 2018, where scores for employees in fixed wage positions were removed. MAF was informed of this.
From the company side it was not considered that there existed any agreement with the employee side about the pilot or, on how this was to be carried out in the future.
Some managers have chosen and informally set a score at the preparatory work for the employee interviews, which the company considers to be unproblematic. For good order, it is informed that no score will be registered for the individual employee within the personnel system for 2018.

Emergency course Reacher, temp workers 
The company is aware that there have been challenges with regard to covering positions 
in the contingency plan at Reacher due to sick leave. It will be followed up by the Rig Team on how we are covered and where there is a need to expand the training to ensure the Emergency Response Organization also in case of lack of personnel. 
The company confirms that they has received claims from the Safety Service on examination of these conditions. 

Chela Crane
MAF requires the company to come up with a plan on how to handle lifting to and from Invincible with the Chela Crane.
MAF believes that this should be carried out by MDN personnel.
The fact that the lifting down at the installation is carried out by other than MDN personnel may in this one situation prove to be practical; it is part of Allincen / cooperation and that the SWAT-Team lives aboard Invincible.
It is important to emphasize that this should not create a precedent for how such a similar crane should operate on other units.
MAF will nevertheless be of the opinion that this is a type of lifting operation that will follow our procedures, and then be carried out by MDN personnel, and not by random personnel from other rigs / companies who are then shuttled around the North Sea to perform work.
All maintenance and servicing of the Chela Crane and associated equipment shall be carried out by MDN personnel.

Procedure for Smoke Divers Test.  
MAF submitted comments on this procedure, stated that they did not agree with the procedure and that they could not accept this. Nevertheless, the procedure was submitted for approval by Sirius, without the comments or annotations being included. MAF is working on getting the procedure equal to the industry standard.
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