LO Congress

Here is the speech that Frode delivered at the congress.
LO Congress
Here is the speech that Frode delivered at the congress:

Honorable chairmen and members of Congress. 

Under item 3.9, Production, line 606 the following is stated: The petroleum industry must be developed as regards with jobs, climate objectives and the needs of our important trading partners. 

Here I would like to have a new line inserted, but I do not need it as this virtually covers everything we need. 

In plain text, this means that the petroleum industry must be developed and not phased out. 

I think the text already stated is very comprehensive and if it is interpreted correctly, it is quite strong.


Otherwise, l support everything that my good friends Eirik Birkeland and Ingard Haugeberg said in their speeches. Very good contributions that reflect our vulnerable industry.


Then l would like to thank IE, LO, NHO and the oil companies who stood together to establish the famous oil package in 2020. It saved many jobs and got several projects started.

Leave it that Erna Solberg today publicly admits a mistake in that connection, saying that the oil package was too favorable, because none of us could have predicted what Europe would look like 2 years later. 

When you also bearing in mind the LO Congress' strong statement, it probably does not suit the Conservative Party who at the time wanted to represent this attitude alone - to protect the oil industry. 


Much has been said about the oil price and the present situation in Europe and the rest of the world and I believe that we presently are not in position to set an end date for the Norwegian oil and gas production.

Our union is fully aware of what we think about this situation and with the input that Jørn Eggum presented in his speech, about the uncertainty about Europe's ability to resist Russia's blackmail and the power and energy crisis this may lead to, this is not the time for to set an end date for Norwegian oil and gas production.


But back to my industry and scope of trade. 


Many people talk about stopping the exploration. 

A decision by the Storting will, with immediate effect, throw 10,000 drilling rig workers directly into unemployment and the same goes for many workers onshore. In the long run, there are an awful lot of people who lose their jobs.

They have the best Basic Agreement in Norway, and one of the best of our Collective Agreements.


This one's burning like hell. Those who promote this proposal must take the consequences of the proposal very seriously. To stand here in all seriousness to actually think that our organized workplaces should be closed down, at a LO Congress, the biggest workshop scene of them all, is not only disappointing, it is directly painful to listen to. And then, in addition, allow themselves to point to all the "new" jobs for my union comrades that will probably be in line for us ..... Where are these jobs?

Dear Congress, make decisions that we may stand for. 

Develop not wind up. 

Dear Congress, please do not remove our jobs. 

Thank you for your attention.

Here is the speech that Frode delivered at the congress:

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