Info from monthly meeting with the company in February 2019

An info that deals with tax-free supplement to wages, AMLS and PHTLS courses, Chela crane, TMS, smoke divers test, HR administration, waiting at heliport, absence, waiting time payment, Welders and Engine Mech.
Info from monthly meeting with the company in February 2019

Tax-free supplement to wages
MAF will inform that our non-deductible wages allowance of NOK 16500, - maintained over the years, has now become taxable from the fiscal year 2018.
It is a very observant shopsteward who has made us aware of this after having the fact confirmed by the tax authorities this week.
The effect from the change leads to that everyone has lost their purchasing power corresponding to approximately NOK 7700, - per year, which in turn means that one must pay the corresponding amount of extra taxes for 2018.
There has been little or no information about this topic from the central union.
The AU has taken the initiative that this should be compensated for during this year's wage settlement, although this was not previously adopted at the AGM as one of MAF's claims for this years wage settlements.
It is easier to receive forgiveness than permission ...
AMLS and PHTLS courses
We are proceeding in our efforts on this matter. A separate meeting will be arranged, without date not yet settled. Bår Inge Pedersen and Finn Boserup will represent MAF.
Chela crane on Invincible
MAF is still of the opinion that as long as the MDN Lifting Procedures are to be followed, this must be carried out by MDN personnel. For example, lifting operations to / from Invincible, are performed by non-MDN personnel.
MAF expects that additional resources will be allocated for maintenance on this crane, including course / training. 
Training Management Solutions (TMS)
This is a project that the company has informed us about, where Falck Nutec will ensure that all the "regular" courses are booked by them and will take place until the first week of April.
MAF looks into whether TMS must be defined to be outsourcing and that this task should be with MDN as part of daily operations.
Procedure for smoke diver test
MDN informed that the procedure has been approved and presently being implemented. We presented our comments on the matter, but they were not accepted.
MAF does not agree with the change of procedure and requires this to be changed.
This concerns rights whether to pass or not to pass the smoke divers test.
Principally, we will have a wording that is almost similar to the one used in the NOG sector (Norwegian Oil and Gas, fixed installations), where MDN's procedure does not secure the same rights according to our point of view.
Reorganization of the HR administration at the office
This is a case concerning that the MDN Management wanted to merge departments and establish a joint group that amongst others also should include manning of the reception.
Not all were equally pleased with this and MAF would have to look into whether this could be considered as to be that someone had got their positions changed to an extent that it would be legally regarded as an unfair dismissal due change in terms and conditions.
This process was halted this week and we just have to keep track of how the matter develops and secure that we will be part in the process if it should come back.
Waiting at heliport beyond 10 hours
This is a situation that many of our members are exposed to.
Previously we experienced that if a helicopter was delayed, the employee was sent off to hotels much earlier than what we see today.
We understand that the operators are trying to save money and that all efforts are made in order to get the personnel back to work offshore in the North Sea.
The challenge is that the personnel are staying for a long time at the heliport and then go straight on working nights offshore. We believe this is a safety risk and that we must find solutions to how the employees should have the opportunity to rest before going on a night shift after 12-14 hours in the heliport.
The company will examine the extent of the matter until the next meeting.
Notifying of absence
We have been approached about the subject that employees are not quite familiar on how to act when becoming ill, who to call etc.
MAF has asked the company to submit an email where it is explained how to report absence.
Waiting time allowance - payment at 15 minutes intervals
The company pays waiting time allowance using 15 minute intervals. MAF believes that the company has to pay waiting time compensation calculated in full hours, every working hour started should be counted as a full hour. In this matter the parties  disagree and consequently preparing for a dispute protocol.
Hotel Administrators on Intrepid
Due to the situation that we reach a POB of 225, the team has requested 3 hotel administrators (daytime) on board for about 6 months.
MAF expects this to be solved by using personnel who have previously got their positions changed and who still possess this competence in the company.
Welders in the competence pool
An additional welder has now joined the competence pool, so we presently have 3 positions. This is one of the welders who previously held this position.
MAF observe that we still are using rentals in this position, and we will continue to work with the objective that we have at least one welder per rig.
Engine Mechanic and G4 welding certificate
We were informed on the fact that the contract with AkerBP for Invincible contains a provision that our Engine Mechanic on the rig are supposed to have a G4 welders certificate. This was totally unknown to us.
In this connection, we have asked the company to look into if the Engine Mechanics on the other rigs can / will keep up their G4 certificates.
We don't know if anyone wants this, but it might be of interest to some. 
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