Maersk and Noble

Then the day had come.
Maersk and Noble

03.10.22, the name Maersk Drilling Norge AS was changed to Noble Drilling Norge AS.

03.10.22 we also changed our name from Maersk Ansattes Forening (MAF) to Noble Ansattes Forening (NAF). New bags with a new logo etc. will be ordered . This will arrive soon. We will otherwise use the old email (post@mafsiden.no) until further notice.

Many of us know Claus Bachman, VP of Operations-North Sea and Australia, from before and he will , as most people know, be in the Stavanger office. The first impression of those who have visited us at our NAF office from the management in Houston, as well as Claus Bachman, is that we have every reason to believe we will archive our goals. They are very concerned about the employees and the great work you do offshore.

The first thing we will do is that we will assist the employee side in the office AMU to come up with inputs to what the organization in Norway should look like. The first meeting is on Wednesday 05.10.22 at 2.30 pm.

We will keep you continuously updated when new information comes to us.

We do not expect major changes for those employed offshore, but this will be clarified in the near future. We know there are many questions that need to be answered, about seniority and re-employment rights etc., these are the things that NAF takes as a matter of course, and will be clarified when we have own meetings on these topics.

You all can still meet us at the heliport, this week in Stavanger and next week we will travel to Bergen (outbound for crew 2 and inbound for crew 6 for Intrpid). The aim is to reach everyone, but we must attend many other meetings which mean that it will take some time before we have visited all the crew.

Otherwise, a board meeting and union elected conference are planned for 16-18 November. Invitations have been sent out.

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