Info after monthly meeting with the company December 2019

An info about Hydraulics and Interceptor.
Info after monthly meeting with the company December 2019
Claim for promotion of Hydraulics into higher Pay Group
The matter was prepared and submitted on August 12, but we are still awaiting a date for meeting in The Position Committee.
As previously informed, MAF has formed an alliance with the Saipem Local Branch on the matter.

Maersk Interceptor - yard stay in Mandal 
We have noticed that there has been a change in the manning and that there has been a good deal of confusion around the subject related to Christmas holidays etc.
The company was very clear on this point at the time when we negotiated the agreement. The company could not settle which positions should be on board the rig at the time of signing.
For us in MAF, this was not of any decisive importance as long as no one was dismissed.
In retrospect, you may see that there was some information submitted by the company that stirred up some noise.
There may still be changes in the manning, but we know that there will be 22 people on board (17 for the stacking crew and 5 on the project).
One thing that may be a challenge is the matter related to smoke diving and that this may mean that someone holding long seniority and thus should normally be on board the rig, must join the Resource Pool during this period.

Here is what was written in the minutes of the monthly meeting:
There have been some changes in the view on which positions that are needed in connection with yard stay, where the company works to identify who will be
part of the fixed stacking crew. Furthermore, the smoke diver qualifications in
connection with the contingency function and PRLO were discussed.
It was also brought up / provided information on manning and time off in connection with Christmas / New Year.

The members of AU was also on board and arranged information meetings November 28-29, 2019
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