Quarantine compensation- 22.nov.-22

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Quarantine compensation- 22.nov.-22
Industri Energi (IE) sent an e-mail on Monday evening (21 November) to everyone who may be entitled to quarantine compensation. The e-mail should have been sent to everyone who has been a member in the period from March 2020. The e-mail address IE has used is the one to which you are registered in the member archive.
IE is now asking EVERYONE who wants to run such a case to register this with them, in an e-mail you should have received on Monday evening (November 21).
First, they check whether you qualify to join.
If it turns out that you have grounds to apply for compensation, you will receive information on how to proceed with making the claim.
NAF has today sent out an e-mail to everyone to make sure that everyone has received this information.
Here is a link to IE's website which explains in more detail:
All questions related to quarantine questions are answered by Industri Energi, here is the e-mail address where you can ask questions:
Here is the address you should send to the company:
"The Dispute Act - compensation for passed quarantine before departure to workplace, cf. Disputes Act § 5-2", by 5 December to:
Noble Drilling Norge AS
w/ Claus Bachmann
If you have not received this e-mail from IE, you must immediately write an e-mail to IE and have it sent to you. You write to:
NAF reserves the right for errors in the English translation as this is directly from Google Translate with small adjustments.
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