No dismissals in Maersk Drilling Norway

In connection with the "Maersk Interceptor" going off contract an agreement has been negotiated
No dismissals in Maersk Drilling Norway
In brief the agreement contains: 
  • No dismissals in MDN.
  • Yard stay in Mandal under the Collective Agreement as working offshore Norway.  
  • Approx 63 persons will continue their regular rotation onboard the rig in Mandal after December 28th 2019.
  • If the rig goes abroad the Collective Agreement as working offshore Norway will apply. 
  • "Supernumerary personnel" on "Interceptor" is transferred to the Resource Pool. These will return to the rig when a new contract is obtained. 
  • No rearranging of personnel on other units other than on ”Interceptor”.
  • Tax guarantee if working outside Norway. 

In recent days, MAF has discussed the situation following "Maersk Interceptor" will be off contract at December 28th 2019. 

It became clear that the rig was not going to "Ivar Åsen" as predicted. Instead, it goes to Mandal for a "warm layoff".

MAF's intention was to reduce the number of layoffs as a priority. In addition, we were very worried that the 2-4 rotation would be affected.

The company showed flexibility, cost and operation as their main points, very well-known arguments.

As a result, we have managed to land an agreement that means that none of the present employees are dismissed. To achieve this, we have made an agreement that involves only those who are affiliated to the "Maersk Interceptor" with a side view to redeployment to Resource Pool.

In practice, this means that there will be approx. 48 persons who will constitute a "warm layoff" crew, and that there will be another 15 persons who will be used for projects on board the rig. This means that there are 63 persons on a regular 2-4 rotation, following their crews and having rights as being in regular operation.

The "warm layoff" crew selected is relatively large compared to what is usual, if there will be  other additional positions the time will show.

This means that the remaining personnel will go into the Resource Pool pending what will happen to the rig. None of these persons will enter the Resource Pool before their regular first departure offshore after December 28th 2019. This agreement states that the same persons will not stay in the Resource Pool for longer than June 30th 2020.

By doing so in this way, the "Maersk Interceptor" personnel being transferred to the Resource Pool contributes to that 35-40 of our employees are NOT being dismissed and we do not get any redeployment on to the other rigs.

The basic rule is that everyone at the "Maersk Interceptor" should return to their crews and positions (AMU, HVO, onsite representative, etc.).

We know there are many who have enough seniority to keep their safe regular 2-4 rotation on one of the other rigs, but we hope the present local agreement is well received as no one is dismissed due to this deal.

There are more subjects dealt with in the agreement itself, and we will rather return with a more detailed explanation at a later date.

We would like to mention that if "Maersk Interceptor" were to obtain a contract outside Norway during the period mentioned above, then it is the personnel who are presently on the rig who will carry out this assignment on a regular 2-4 rotation and on Norwegian terms.

This, of course, with a guarantee for the individual related to that personal taxation should not be worse off than if the employee worked in Norway.

Last year we signed an agreement named; Agreement regarding work off the Norwegian continental shelf, dated 25 July 2018, which will regulate this.

The company is otherwise very clear that they hope that those in the Resource Pool will work on other units in Maersk Drilling during this period, but this is then on a voluntary basis and you will of course follow the Norwegian Collective Agreement and terms.

MAF has, as mentioned, previously established a protocol that addresses this subject and guarantees these rights.

MAF believes that the present agreement is very good under the prevailing conditions and especially against what others have under similar conditions.     

Here are links to the actual agreements: The attachments are not yet in Norwegian but will be posted continuously.

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