Maersk + Noble

Maersk Drilling and Noble merge
Maersk + Noble
First of all. MAF has not been aware of this merger other than rumors that have been circulating.

As we have probably all heard, a press release was sent out early today that Maersk Drilling and Noble merge into one company. You can read more here:



There has been one "Townhall meeting" which was broadcast live from Copenhagen at 09.30 today. For those of us who work offshore, it will be like today, but we will probably change the logo on the coverall. For the land organizations, something is unclear at the moment. What is clear is that the head office will be in Houston and that Stavanger and Dubai will be hubs in the future.

The merger is intended to take place during the middle of 2022 and until then it will continue as a completely independent company. This means that we will continue as today in all stages until the merger is real sometime in the middle of 2022.

Then MAF will inform more as soon as we know something that is of general interest.
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