General info October 2022

Information from the monthly meeting and the last few weeks' activities
General info October 2022

Merger, Maersk Drilling Norge AS and Noble Drilling Norge AS.
Have now had a meeting with the company and we can inform you that this was, in rough terms, only really a name change.

Noble Drilling Norge AS maintains the legal entity that Maersk Drilling Norge AS had, only with a new name.

Then the company and NAF believe that then all agreements will continue as before.
The company and NAF will draw up a separate protocol which states that all current protocols for MDN will be carried over into the new company, Noble Drilling Norge AS.

This then applies to protocols, the collective agreement's special agreements, employment contracts and not least the right to re-employment.

For those with international employment, these companies have also only changed their names. NAF otherwise has a clear opinion that we want local employment for our members.


Heliport visit

It has been incredibly positive and nice to meet so many members in recent weeks.

We were in Bergen and hoped to meet two crews that were going out and the two that then came in. Here it turned out that we only got to meet those who were going out due to helicopter problems.

We still have quite a few on Intrepid, but when that is said, we have almost visited all the crews that have exits/entrances in Stavanger.


Sick leave or leave during the quarantine period

In the first 8-9 months of the corona pandemic, the company maintained the right to withdraw wages, if you were either on sick leave or needed leave in accordance with clause 14.1 a, b or c of the collective agreement, during the imposed quarantine period. Alternatively, you could move on your own, or owe days to the company.

MAF has always believed that this practice was wrong, and if we still cannot reach an agreement with the company, we will dispute the cases that we have received.

In order to clarify how large the scope is, and to ensure that all those affected can participate in a possible case, we are asking everyone who in the period March 2020 to approx. November 2020 were either on sick leave or needed welfare leave during the imposed quarantine period, and for that reason either had their wages deducted or had to owe days to the company.

Answers are requested within 2 weeks to: jornbhansen@gmail.com


Board meeting and union election conference

Otherwise, we are looking forward to the first board meeting of the Noble Ansattes Forening and the first shop stewards' conference which will come in 3 weeks.

Well met.

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