Quarantine and Corona

Quarantine regulations changed for all residents of the Nordic countries from June 1st 2020
Quarantine and Corona
This is good news to many, but it is not a reality and in not in place for many others in our industry.

In Maersk Drilling Norge AS there are over 80 (!!) employees domiciled in the UK who are still encompassed by the 10-day quarantine regulations when entering Norway. This is a fact that MAF is focusing on, and we are in a dialogue with IE which in turn has to press on higher up in the system.
It does not make the case any better that personnel living in the UK are also subject to a 14 day quarantine when going back home. MAF is not in position to influence upon the quarantine regulations on entries into the UK.
Our present initiative is to make sure that IE does everything they possibly can to resolve this issue and that the focus is to impose the equal quarantine regulations that applies on entries into Norway for personnel living in the UK.

No matter what, MAF would especially like to thank Lill-Heidi Bakkerud and Ommund Stokka in IE for the support and work they have put down so far towards NR, NOG, LO etc. This is something that they have taken extremely seriously and used their channels to press for a change, and called on the local IE Branches in the oil companies to push on their companies to follow the national guidelines.
It should also be mentioned that MAF has also received very good feedback from IE central, considering that we have been constantly pushing for this to have been prioritized and in focus.
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