At the 4th ordinary National Meeting in Industry Energy, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was present.
He gave his speech at the National Assembly and after this it was possible to ask questions.

On behalf of the Covid-19 committee we have in the association, the leader of the shelf association in Equinor, Per Steinar Stamnes, raised this in one of many posts. There were many who had questions for the Prime Minister and his government.

Per Steinar Stamnes said, among other things, the following:

-Those of our members who live outside Norway have received an extra burden, both personally and not least in relation to their family when they were imposed 10 days quarantine before the work period and 10 days after the work period before they were allowed to return home. They barely managed to be home before they had to travel to a new quarantine. Without being compensated for lost leisure time, Stamnes continued.

The challenge he gave Støre was:

- I hope you and your ministers can help compensate for the strain these people have had to bear, he says.

This was not answered by the Prime Minister from the rostrum when the Prime Minister spoke at the end, which we are disappointed but can also have an understanding that this can not be resolved via a speech from a representative in the National Assembly.

We will send an email to the Prime Minister's office and remind him of the issue that was raised.

x Translated from Norwegian to English by Google translate
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