MAF Board Election 2021

Error in the election leads to a one-day postponement
MAF Board Election 2021
The election committee announces that a human error has occurred during the design of MAF board election 2021 in the program «Surveymonkey». There is one nominee who is running for election who was not on the list of those you can vote for.

When the election committee were made aware of the error, the election was closed, so that one can no longer vote. Those who in the future try to vote by clicking on the original link will therefore get an error message.

The election committee have come to the conclusion that the best solution to this problem will be to restart the election tomorrow, 2. December. In order for the election to proceed as normal, the voting period is extended by one day. This means that the last day to cast a vote will be 16. January, 2021. Votes given before 2. December will not be counted.

Those who have already voted have received an e-mail encouraging them to vote again. It will be possible to vote from 2. December at 8:00 a.m. A  new link will be sent out. 

We apologize for what has happened.

With best regards, 
The election committee
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