General info from November-22

Not everything revolves around quarantine and compensation. Of course, it takes a lot of time, but here is also some of the other things that happen in and around NAF.
General info from November-22

Board meeting and shop steward conference
Last week, a board meeting and shop steward conference was held in the Noble Employees' Association at Clarion Energy.

The vast majority of shop stewards and board members were present. The discussions and engagement were very good, and we were able to address many important things. It is reported that the mood on the rigs is good and it looks like the merger with Noble has gone well so far. Having said that, there was a lot of uncertainty, where the employees will go after Intrepid leaves, the crew will be split up, training etc.

Then we had a great visit from the office. Claus Bachmann, VP Operation North Sea and Australia and Erik Evensgård, Operation Manager. Good info from them and many questions were asked from the participants.

We also had contributions from KHVO, Anders Blom and the challenges in the Safety Organization.

We had Fredrik Løfsgaard from Arctic on Teams and he went through insurance and pensions. We will also invite him to the annual meeting in February 2022 to go into this more thoroughly.

Under the condition of the rigs, we can mention some of the points:

- Temporary employment/hiring and overtime

- PULSE, lack of follow-up

- Wifi problems in some places

- At Inspirer, training in the permit system etc. (SAP is used there, among other things)

- Increased workload, fewer people

- Welcome on-board meetings, are these voluntary?


Members with international contracts
NAF has started discussing with the company that international positions should have local employment. They have not been willing to negotiate about this in the past.

This means in practice that if a member who had an international employment has been dismissed, then the person has had to go to court to claim that they should be employed in Norway. It has proven to be difficult to find anyone willing to take legal action against the company.

We have a Joining Agreement(Tilslutningsavtale) from 12 August 2004 which regulates this, and the agreement has not been renegotiated or changed since. There has only been an agreement that new rigs that have arrived in the period up to now should be covered by this agreement. NAF believes that we do not necessarily need to change it either, if we can find a solution with the company.

NAF believes that we now have a unique opportunity to create an agreement that will regulate employment conditions for those with international contracts.

Why shouldn't someone who is in management out on our rigs have the same predictability as someone who is in a junior position?? Why shouldn't the principle of seniority apply to them?

The creativity is great and the arguments many. It must be said that there are of course both "pros and cons" in this and we will have to come back with more about this later.

The company has heard our initial thoughts and we will put a lot off efforts into reaching an agreement.


Monthly meeting with the company
On 2022.11.11 we had a monthly meeting with the company.

Many had probably hoped, after being at the shop stewards' conference last week, that there would now be a clarification on what will happen when Invincible is to be published before it is released again for AkerBP in April 2023. There is a lot in this, and Many different solutions are being worked on. In any case, we could not enter into any discussions when the staffing is not ready.

NAF is waiting for what the company comes up with as a proposal for staffing and then they have to prove to us that any layoffs will be of a shorter duration than 12 weeks, if this is to be a permanent layoff. Here, the rules are straightforward considering that the employer must pay wages for the first 45 days, so the period that the employees must be on NAV is shorter.

The company calls in NAF when they are ready for discussions.

We will provide more information as soon as we have something.


Welcome onboard meetings, offshore
Here NAF will have a discussion on how these meetings are now used. They were volunteers in the past, and believe that they must give this a try.


Right of re-employment
Otherwise, we are working on an extended preferential right for those who were made redundant earlier this year. NAF is of the clear opinion that all those who were dismissed in March and worked on temporary contracts (6-week contracts), will receive very poor conditions with a view to re-employment within 2 years. To explain this, one can imagine that a person who was dismissed in March, had 2 months' notice, should then have finished and been paid from 01.06.22. Then the right to re-employment would apply from 01.06.22 and for 2 years until 01.06.24. Then it is the case that many have stayed on and worked right up until now as temps, a few have had their notice period extended, others have only had a single trip, etc., but still contributed to the rigs being in operation. Some have also quit completely because they haven't taken the chance to be a substitute. NAF is of the clear opinion that here the company must meet us and give ALL who were dismissed in March better conditions. We believe that the right to re-employment must apply from a date after Intrepid has left the Norwegian continental shelf, and for 2 years. A proposal would be that if Intrepid goes, for example on 01.12.22, then everyone should have a re-employment right from 14.12.22 to 14.12.24.

Offshore bags are coming
New bags with the new logo will be sent out shortly.

NAF reserves the right for errors in the English translation as this is directly from Google Translate with small adjustments.


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