NAF info January-23

Info about staffing, redundancies, mergers and some other topics
NAF info January-23


The staffing situation and temporary layoffs.
A combination of a delayed rig move for Invincible and a slightly greater need for manning during the stay in Åmøyfjorden, has reduced the planned temporary layoffs somewhat, but unfortunately this could not be avoided for everyone. 

The delay of the Invincible rigmove has caused many to have more days offshore than originally planned. Those days must first be taken off before any temporary layoff period can start, and if so, you will be on full salary from the company for the first 45 of the temporary layoff, before you may have to switch over to support from NAV. This means that many will not need to apply for support from NAV.

Regarding the AkerBP alliance, we must say that it's very good that the alliance was just extended for 5 new years, but 2023 can still be a year with major challenges and unwanted gaps between the contracts.

The company informs that they are negotiating with both AkerBP, Equinor and several others in their best attempt to close the gaps between the planned contracts, and furthermore we would like to have more rigs back to Norway. 

There is also ongoing communications with Repsol about further extensions on Inspirer after April 28.


The merger
We do not have much news about the merger, but as previously written here we are very satisfied that NAF have made an agreement which ensures that our previous agreements and protocols are continued.


Members with international contracts
As previously mentioned, NAF believes that the current situation gives us a unique opportunity to make an agreement that regulates the employment conditions for those with international contracts. Therefore, this is being prioritized now.
We have started discussions with the company and we are planning a new meeting as soon as possible.


Rig visit to Åmøyfjorden 
We are planning a visit to Invincible, initially on February 2.

Annual meeting in NAF
We will hold our annual meeting in Stavanger on February 10-11.
All shop stewards are invited as delegates.
There will be guests both from the company and from Industri Energi.
A major topic at the Annual Meeting will certainly be the coming salary negotiations, which by the way will start on May 22
Our board meeting is held the day before the annual meeting.


Quarantine and compensation.
The cases regarding compensation for quarantine imposed by authorities and the company, are now being processed by the Covid-19 group at Industri Energi.
We hope that everyone who has chosen to get involved in the case has submitted the documentation that the group has requested.
NAF is following the case through our contacts at IE, but we do not have access to the submitted documents, so if anyone has questions about their case, they can contact the Covid group.

Many members have asked us why it took so long to get here.
The answer is that we simply had to wait for the LO lawyers to decide what they wanted to do, and when their conclusion finally came in September 2022, we were not at all satisfied. The LO lawyers found the case of quarantine imposed by the authorities to be "difficult to win".
We found this completely unacceptable to all those who had waited for so long, and this was the sentence that made us urgently call in IE to a meeting.
IE saw the problem, and in cooperation with them we very quickly got the current plan in motion, where the cases were taken over by IE and run as individual claims against the company instead of a joint case against the government.

After this was published, close to 650 members under IE from 90 different companies have now joined the case.
We are aware that the waiting time was far too long, but of course we are also very satisfied that the matter has finally been started.

Here is the latest about the case from IE



Other quarantine related cases

Reported sick during the quarantine period
The case concerning those who were sick in the Quarantine period and for that reason was deducted from the salary, or had to owe offshore days to the company, or those who did not get their rightful leave according to 14.1 a-b-c.
The cases we have received have been solved by settlement with the company, and those affected have been compensated.


Claim for compensation for Covid-19 home tests
There is nothing news, but the case has been reported as a dispute on a general basis to Industri Energi


Aker BP imposed leisure quarantine - effective from 24 June 2021
There is nothing news, but also this case has been reported as a dispute on a general basis to Industri Energi

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