Nomination to the MAF board 2021 is underway

The nomination period lasts until 15 November 2020
Nomination to the MAF board 2021 is underway
The nominees will after 15 November be asked by the nomination committee If the nominee is willing to sit on the club's Board, accordingly he/she will be put up for election.

The election takes place from 1 December to 15 January. The election will take place electronically and an e-mail will be submitted with a link to the election.

The representatives leaving the current Board are:  
Frode Larsen, Jørn B. Hansen, Frode Sell, Odd Richard Kollstad, Kristoffer Norheim, Tore Landa, Eirik Gjemble og Jarle Halvorsen.

The representatives elected to the Board for another year are:  
Bår Inge Pedersen, Hanne Holmboe Bang, Kim Harboe, Finn Boserup, Frank Fosse og Odd Jacobsen.

Nomination lists have been hung up on all the rigs, in several places on board.

Those of you who for various reasons, do not have the opportunity to nominate on the rig, may nominate per. e-mail using the following forwarding address: post@mafsiden.no submitting the full name of the nominee, as well as name of the rig he/she is working on.

Questions may be directed to the nomination committee: 
Eliabeth Brekke, Finn Boserup og Kim Harboe at:
+ 47 400 04 380
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