General info March 2021

Some info about quarantine situation, quarantine compensation, terminations in the office and MAF annual general meeting.
General info March 2021
Status – Quarantine situation 
We still receive questions from frustrated members who are in quarantine. We fully understand the great existing frustration. Unfortunately, MAF is not positioned to execute influence on the majority of the most thorough inconvenience caused by the imposed quarantine regulations, simply because they are government-imposed requirements. All other issues that we may influence are directed towards the company and our trade union Industri Energi. 

Otherwise, MAF participates in weekly team meetings invited by MDN - Mondays for personnel who work at Intrepid, and Fridays are open to all personnel.

Status on the matter of quarantine compensation
All claims for compensation related to Covid-19 have been sent to IE / LO. And the identical claim applies to all nationalities; "All quarantine shall be regarded as part of the employee's period of on board, to be compensated according to the Collective Agreement."

LO has now received an expert statement from a professor of labor law. The statement is now being carefully reviewed by LO's lawyers. A concrete assessment is now being made where all the cases are reviewed. This has to do with varying terms of employment at the individual companies. There are several Collective Agreements and aspects that are affected, this is probably causing the time-delay. All this must be seen in relation to the management prerogative and what compensation we as employees are entitled to, even if it is not related to actual work performed. 
In some cases, the quarantine may also entitle to compensation according to the provisions of the Collective Agreement related to work performed. 
This shows the complexity of the case, but this is then the MAF and IE's statement of claim. 
IE hopes that there shortly will be a meeting with LO in the matter and we have been promised to get immediate feedback on any development. 

Terminations in the office
As you have probably observed in the media in recent weeks, Maersk Drilling Norway will lay-off employees at the office. These are positions within the Rig Team, Supply Chain, Finance, HR and Service teams.

MAF carried out formal discussions on Thursday last week. We were summoned according to the Working Environment Act § 15-2 and the Basic Agreement, section 5.5. and 5.9 in connection with downsizing of personnel at the office of Maersk Drilling Norge AS. 

As we have stated, MAF does not agree that many of the above positions will be transferred to Gdansk, Poland. The minutes from these discussions are being prepared and will be signed early next week. Then we will see how this ends. Here you will find links to some further information on the subject:



MAF Annual General Meeting 
MAF has nor arranged ther AGM yet. The board will have this matter for consideration during this month (April). The board has decided that the Annual General Meeting be postponed until further notice. We want as many people as possible to participate in their physical presence. It has been decided by IE centrally that the AGMs of the local branches in Industri Energi may be postponed. So, the formalities are settled. 
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