Nomination for the MAF board 2019 is ongoing

The nomination period lasts from October 1st until November 15th
Nomination for the MAF board 2019 is ongoing
The nominees will be requested by the election committee after November 15th. If the nominee is willing to sit in the club's board, he/she will run for election.

The election is from December 1st. until January 15th. This time the election will be carried out electronically. This means that an e-mail with a link to the election will be sent out.

The people whose period in the current board is over:
Frode Larsen, Jørn B. Hansen, Frode Sell, Odd Richard Kollstad, Lars Mæland, Kristoffer Norheim, Jarle Halvorsen and Roy Stranden.

The people who still has one year left in the board are:
Bår Inge Pedersen, Hanne Holmboe Bang, Kim Harboe, Finn Boserup, Frank Fosse and Eirik Gjemble.

Nomination lists are hung in the following places on the rigs:

- The non-smoking coffeebreak room
- The control room
- The bulletin board in the canteen

Those of you who do not have the opportunity to nominate on the rig, for different reasons, can nominate per. email. Send an e-mail to mmaf@online.no with the full name of the nominee, and which rig he/she is working on.

Questions can be addressed to the election committee:
Eliabeth Brekke, Finn Boserup and Bjørn Jacobsen
+ 47 400 04 380
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