General info September 22

A info about PTS, Noble/Maersk, hire, illness and heliport visits.
General info September 22

PTS, the pension insurance for seamen

We have been contacted by several people who have probably received too high an excess in connection with the promotion from group 2 to group 1. The company has looked at the examples we have received and will correct this with the correct rates.

The amounts the individual had to pay themselves should be within the order of NOK 2,000, and up to approximately NOK 10,000.

If anyone has an amount over NOK 10,000, we ask them to contact MAF or the company.


Merger between NOBLE and Maersk

Both MAF and Vernetjenesten have put forward demands for employee participation in relation to this merger from day one. This has also been done by employee representatives on the board of MDN.

There have been some information meetings between employee representatives and MDN/MD, but the information has been very limited at this stage. Most of it has been possible to read through the information that has been available from MD and Noble.

The last meeting was last week where it was made absolutely clear to us that the information and participation we are requesting can only come after the merger date, which is set for 03.10.22. It was announced that there will be a transaction period of about a month, before we get to know how the organization will look to us who work in Norway.

It can be stated that Ptil has been informed that employee participation in this process has been far too poor.



You should be happy that Maersk Intrepid has got more work and that we now probably have work well into November, but it also means that 6-week contracts and some subletting will be the normal everyday life for many.

MAF can only explain once again that when the decision for the downsizing was made in March, this was then based on Maersk Intrepid being completed by April 2022 at the latest. The rest of the story is known.


Illness during the quarantine period

These are old matters, no less very important for those concerned. MAF has again raised this issue with the company, which then deals with sick leave during quarantine. MAF has argued for and has prepared a dispute on this. The company will look at this once more before we send this to IE. MAF has always claimed that no one should have any reduction in salary or should have to move their trips when they were on sick leave during the quarantine.


Heliport and hotel visits

In the last 3 weeks, we have met many members and others out at the heliport and in the hotels.

It has been good for many to ask us questions directly and we have been able to explain what is happening. It is very good that the members get to know what happens at board meetings and in the day-to-day operations. We are challenged by the fact that there is too little information and that we are not visible enough, and we hope that such visits can help to improve this. We haven't been able to be in Bergen and on the Maersk Intrepid yet but hope that we will be able to do this in the future. It is difficult to talk to everyone, other meetings and tasks prevent this, but we hope that we will get across many of the crews.


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