MAF info April 2022

An info about dismissals, Noble, rig visits, quarantine cases and what happens next.
MAF info April 2022
There is presently a lot of activity going on and we are receiving many inquiries related to   rotations, crew lists, Fredrikshavn and changes.
Intrepid were supposed to have arrived in Frederikshavn a long time ago. The fact that it has not arrived there means that the company has had to change all plans for where the personnel are supposed to be working from now on in April and onwards. The good thing about it is that more of the personnel laid off will retain their job a little longer.
The problems relate quite a lot on booked holidays, childcare and an otherwise general uncertainty. 
We may not say much other than that we have nothing to do with the manning and that we are all employed in MDN (so far), so the company has a clear right to move the employees around. We also know that the company are doing whatever they can do to prevent the employees from getting changes. In any case, there will be someone who must change rig and crew, but it is obvious that if there is someone for whom this turns out completely wrong, feel free to contact the company, there is a lot that may be arranged and changed.

Ongoing terminations and Merger with Noble. 
Two sides of the same matter. 
Too many have unfortunately received a notice of termination which applies from 1 April. MAF takes it for granted and expects that the preference right to re-employment will apply to the new company. The Legal department at Industri Energi has not yet been able to confirm all our rights, but this is something we prioritize highly and we see it as our most important task to secure the job for as many as possible.
Stoppage for hiring of hired personnel in Noble must be implemented.
Otherwise, we naturally keep a close eye on the company's use of overtime and temps. We will continuously make sure that as many people as possible have their notice period pushed forward, or even better, removed completely, if otherwise the need for manning changes.

AU had otherwise planned a rig visit in week 17 in Frederikshavn to Intrepid. No one may at the present time answer whether the rig will ever be alongside there, but there are neither no other plans known to us. The alternatives as we see it are to stay out on the field or to enter Norway. We just must wait and see. 
Otherwise, we will do our best to meet with members elsewhere (Invincible in Grenaa and elsewhere at hotels and heliports).

Otherwise, there are many open cases, quarantine and compensation take their toll. 
Regarding questions on compensation for the quarantine issues, a meeting has been agreed between IE and Norwegian Oil and Gas (NOG) on 07.04.22, to discuss the way forward. 
We are a little uncertain whether they will discuss both the government- and operator-imposed quarantine, but we know that NOG will take responsibility towards their member companies, ie the oil companies. 
Then it will be a question whether they will step up to share their profits with those who have worked a little further down the value chain.
In our aspect we think that it is in place with compensation when everyone in Equinor receives 10.2% of gross salary in bonus for last year.
1,300,000,000 will be paid out as a bonus, in this company only.
There will be new and updated info about the quarantine cases in general when we have received the latest news from the meeting between IE and NOG.
Other activity: 
-We have planned a new meeting of the Board on 04-05.05.22. 
-AU will attend a collective bargaining conference with all the other local branches on 20-21.04.22. 
In this matter we have got a clear mandate from the Annual General Meeting what we will claim. 
This year a main settlement will take place, ie that it is not just a question of money, but additionally the text of the Collective Agreement may also be changed. We bring along several good proposals for improvement.
Please feel free to mail members of AU directly: 
post@mafsiden.no may of course be used as well, but on this address we are not online all the time.
This email address was previously observed by our secretary who is no longer employed by MAF. 
Otherwise, you will find all the email addresses of members of the Board at www.mafsiden.no.  
News on mafsiden.no: 
At the Annual General Meeting we decided to send out an e-mail to all members when we have an update on mafsiden.no. The technical solution for this is under constrction. 
Wish all of you a happy Easter, both at sea and onshore. 
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