Info September 2018

Topics: Process Department Inspirer, Hydraulics - Bop Course, PRLO Responsibility, AMLS and PHTLS Courses for Medics, Workload for Technical Department, Extra Ass. Driller at Invincible, Question related to the retirement age, Catering and Shop Stewards Conference.
Info September 2018
Crewing of the process operations on Inspirer:
The company informed us at the SMFM meeting on September 18 that REPSOL should have the entire manning related to the process operation at Inspirer. This is contrary to what we have previously been promised, and it is our starting point that we are obliged to crew rigs in Norway operated by MDN.
MAF prioritises this matter very much, we are in dialogue with the IE Legal Department, and we have also contacted CEO of Mærsk Drilling in Copenhagen. Additionally, KHVO has convened an extraordinary I-AMU for Inspirer, which will be arranged October 2.
More info will follow as soon as we have news.
Compensation for AMLS and PHTLS courses (Medic's):
We have not succeeded in convincing the company that this 30-hour study is quite difficult and sometimes impossible to carry out while at the same time carrying out the regular duties on board. Therefore, we have no option but to require the following:
MAF asks the company to issue instructions on how this should be practically performed and what tasks should not be done to allow time for medics to study during the working hours of the last trip before taking an exam.
''If medics can not do the studies during working hours, but have to do it outside of working hours, will any overtime have to be agreed with the OIM in advance».
If disagreements arise, we will take the cases on at an individual basis.
PRLO Responsibility at Reacher:
There will not be a Marine Section Leader on board when Reacher enters hotel mode. Therefore, the company assesses who should take over responsibility for lifting operations on deck (PRLO). Some Crane Operators have expressed concern about the extra workload it will represent if they are to take on this responsibility as well. This will naturally cause a lot of extra administrative work in an otherwise busy day. However, the company still confirms that the final decision has not been taken yet. Other positions considered are OIM or TSL. MAF follows up on the case.
Course. BOP. Hydraulic Engineers:
The company is in dialogue with Maersk Training to implement some courses tailored for the need.
Extra AD on Invincible:
The company informed that as a result of the effective operation at Invincible, more employees were needed in the AD position, thus sharing work functions.
Initially, the company wanted to establish a new position named "AUX Driller" with associated new tasks. Initially it sounded good with more employees, but we quickly received reports from ADs who were concerned about this new arrangement. Concerns expressed was related to whether they would lose practical experience, such as driving lessons in the driller's chair.

After having been in dialogue with the company, the new position has now been changed to be named "Extra AD". The position should be considered as an AD with additional tasks. We are now awaiting now to see how this will work in practice.

Internal Company Retirement Age in MDN Offshore:
The company has previously expressed the wish to change their practice of the age limit on retirement. MAF refuses to contribute to this. We comply with the legal age limit of 72 years. 
Workload in technical department:
The company states that three Electricians have been employed in the pool dedicated to the EX maintenance and earth-fault problems. The fourth Electrician will be employed soon. MAF remains uncertain if this is sufficient, but we must wait and see how it turns out. In the S-AMU, it is also still the plan to initiate a questionnaire survey in the Technical Department that will measure the workload in general.
At the Board Meeting on 18-19 September it was agreed that the AU should ask the company shopstewards to submit written inputs to the AU about how the Catering functions following the recent adjustments. Based on the inputs, we will then convene a meeting of the Catering Evaluation Group.
Union representative conferences:
19-20 September we arranged the first of two scheduled shop steward conferences. Here were experienced many good discussions and inputs both related to new and old cases. This is an important forum for us so we look forward to meeting with the rest of the elected representatives on 19-20 November. 
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