The tax agreement for work abroad

Information relevant for those who were sailing, rig transfer, from Korea in 2017 and for those who were working in the UK in 2018 and who have got extra taxation abroad as a consequence.
The tax agreement for work abroad
With reference to the Tax Agreement the company intends, if someone receives extra  tax as a result of the fact that the standard tax deduction is not approved to be transferred between spouses, the company will prepare double calculations and compensate for any increased tax disadvantage. This applies to the tax year 2017 and 2018. 

The following was added to the minutes at the monthly meeting on December 17: 

KPMG has the assignment of reviewing the tax return of everyone who has worked in the UK and DK in accordance with the Tax Agreement and in accordance with our list of authorization. The authorization list is a complete overview of all our employees in Norway who have crossed the borderline of the Norwegian continental shelf with one of our mobile offshore units. Thus, they have the complete overview of who is entitled to the tax deduction related to spouses. KPMG have submitted an overview and we are paying according to KPMG's calculations.

If you are of the opinion that you have the right to compensation and have not yet been contacted by the company, then you should get in touch yourself.
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