Temporary laid-off and membership in IE

NAF will pay the dues for all furloughed members
Temporary laid-off and membership in IE

NAF will pay the dues for all temporary laid-off members, so you don't have to do anything yourself. This will apply to everyone who receives social security from NAV.

We have received questions about how to keep your membership when you are made temporary laid-off. It is the case that as long as you are on salary from NDN, i.e. the 45 days that are the employer's period, you will be withdrawn from the company and then pay the normal dues. Then it is that if you have to transfer to social security from NAV, you get a reduced contribution, but you also have to be sent an invoice from IE and pay this yourself.

NAF has decided today that we will pay the dues for everyone who is made temporary laid-off this time and has to transfer to social security from NAV.

Then you maintain all your rights and insurances.

It's not the big sums for the individual, but less of a worry for those who are then not offered temporary trips.

If you get a substitute tour, everything will be drawn through NDN.

The only thing you should NOT do is go to "My page" and register yourself as laid off. You will then receive a giro for payment.

We will review this with IE when the temporary laid-off are complete.

As a final piece of information, we can inform you that no payments will be made to the Pension Scheme for Seamen, PTS if you then receive social security from NAV.

AU and the Board wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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