Invincible to Stavanger

87 will be temporarily laid off
Invincible to Stavanger
Invincible is currently working on Ivar Aasen for AkerBP, where the operation is expected to be completed in the latter half of December. The rig will subsequently be moved to the Åmøyfjord outside Stavanger, where it will lie in storage until the next mission, which is scheduled to start in early April 2023. It is expected that the rig will be manned again in the latter half of March 2023.

It is planned with a rig crew of 22 (66 in total) plus catering, the remaining 87 will be temporarily laid off. NAF believes that there could have been fewer redundancies due to the short time between assignments, but understands that this is a compromise within the alliance.

We have been in discussion meetings with the company and we agree that no one will be laid off for longer than 12 weeks. This means that the company can make layoffs in stages. This means that those who have their workplace on board Invincible will be temporarily laid off if they are not part of the stacking crew, which numbers 22 (66 in total).

What does being temporarily laid off mean?
In short, the employer is required to give notice of redundancies 14 days before the redundancies are implemented. The employer is then obliged to pay ordinary wages for the first 45 days. After the employer period, you can apply for unemployment benefit via NAV.

We agree that the company should first ask the temporarily laid off if they wish to use other personnel who are permanently employed by Noble Drilling Norge AS(NDN).

Let's take an example:
You receive notice of temporary layoff on 6 December, then you will be laid off on 20 December at the earliest. A prerequisite for this is that you have completed your time off. The employer's salary obligation only starts when you have completed your leave. For the first 45 days after this, NDN pays ordinary wages. After that, NDN is exempt from the wage obligation, then you must apply to NAV for unemployment benefits.

If you travel to work during the employer's compulsory wage period, the days for which the company pays redundancy pay stop, and continue continuously after the end of the leave.
If you travel to work when you receive unemployment benefit from NAV, unemployment benefit ends and you can reapply for unemployment benefit when you have finished your leave.

We have learned in the protocol that NDN undertakes to take temporarily laid-off personnel back on salary from the first departure after staffing up in March, however no one shall be temporarily laid-off for longer than 12 weeks. Normally, it will be the case that the person who has been on temporary layoff the longest will return to work first.
Temporary stacking mode in Stavanger
The rig will lie in the Åmøy fjord just outside Stavanger. The crew on board will be around 22 plus catering. The positions and numbers are here:
3 OIM, 3 DSL, 6 Tourpusher, 3 TSL, 3 Maintenance Engineer, 3 MSL, 6 Roughneck, 6 Crane Opr, 3 Assistant Crane Opr, 6 Roustabout, 6 Operator Technical, 3 Engine Mech, 3 ET, 3 Electrician, 3 Hydraulic , 3 Medics and 3 Logistics Coordinators. This amounts to 66 people in total.

The protocols you will find here: 



NAF reserves the right for errors in the English translation as this is directly from Google Translate with small adjustments.

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