MAF - Summary report at Easter

This last week before Easter has been filled by meetings.
MAF - Summary report at Easter
We know that the issue of quarantine regulations has been the subject of higher level discussions.
We know for sure that the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), Industri Energi (IE), The Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NR) and Norwegian Oil and Gas (NOROG) have presented the  subject to the Government and to a number of Ministries.

MAF has contributed to the matter by use of contacts both in the Danish Parliament and to central positions in IE and presented our views and our input on the subject.
We have highlighted this discrimination / border barrier, as a result of the different quarantine regulations between the countries.

We have requested the reason for why it may be that those who live in Sweden do not quarantine. It seems very difficult to get any answers from the parties we have approached so far. If we had known why there are different regulations, then at least we will have the opportunity to challenge the discrimination we think it is.

MAF has asked the parties to come to a consensus and together agree on practical regulations that may be practical. We simply believe that companies do not want a consensus. Unfortunately, the survival instinct of every individual company seems to obstruct a common platform. This is simply too stupid.

From MAF, to all of you who are offshore, at home or in quarantine, MAF wishes everyone a positive Easter.

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