General info october-20

An info about Hydraulic, corona, hotel and diet
General info october-20
The position of Hydraulic Engineer in the higher wage group
This years settlement has ended and there were no promotion of the position to  a higher wage group as was the fact for all other positions. This is not the first time we have tried a promotion at a main Settlement without us being able to get a majority in the negotiating team, where MAF probably makes up about 10 percent. Therefore, this time, during preparation, we also chose to bring the matter forward in the NR forum, where we then got the Saipem club to join in our claim. It then became one more club, but still far from a majority in a forum where everyone wants to highlight their individual wishes, such as other positions to be promoted in the matrix. But we had to try something new, and of course it always helps to get more people on board, even when we at the last minute before a main Settlement discuss and fight with the other local branches about who should have their claims in focus. But this time, all claims for promotion of positions were swept off the table before we got this far. Regardless, no one ever gets all of their claims through, this year there were over 100 submitted claims, and with such a moderate Settlement, there were no promotions of positions at all.

Then there is the Permanent Position Committee. The meeting of the committee was set for 18 August. We met in the office the week before, to go through all our arguments and to be as battle-ready as possible. But then came the news that another party had canceled, and the meeting was unfortunately canceled. We are awaiting a new date.
The case was also in the Permanent Position Committee in 2009, where the claim for a higher wage group for Hydraulic Engineers was rejected. Therefore, one of our most important arguments, among many others, is also the great technological development that has clearly taken place, and which of course requires a much higher requirement for competence and responsibility for the Hydraulic Engineers.

Especially in terms of responsibility, we also strongly point out the great responsibility that lies in troubleshooting and testing safety-related equipment where the Hydraulic Engineer is actually the only one on board with the right experience and competence. Mistakes here may lead to fatal consequences. But this is just an excerpt from a long document that has been sent to the Permanent Position Committee, also documented with references to our job descriptions. We have talked to quite a few Hydraulic Engineers, and we are sure that all arguments have been heard. What we often hear about is, of course, the unfairness of Hydraulic Engineers being paid less than other technicians on board, so this has also been taken into account.
We may not be more prepared, so now the big question is whether the Permanent Position Committee will accept our claim. Unfortunately, this case already has a far too long history, but we are not going to drop the case, no matter how long the story should go on.

Corona, hotel og diet:
We have been addressed that the quality of the food packages at Energy Hotel has dropped to a poorer level, both in terms of quality and quantity of food. The company has contacted the hotel on the subject. However, they state that there have also been positive feedback, but possibly the quality varies.
The company also states that you have the opportunity to claim compensation for diet in your travel expence report. But then you must, upon check-in at the hotel, give notice that you opt out of the food scheme.
As for the quarantine situation, we know that Industri Energi is in dialogue with the employers, but IE also states that it is a difficult process that is taking place. Therefore, it takes time. We are very much looking forward to something new positive information coming from them. IE's Deputy Leader Lill-Heidi Bakkerud, with whom we have been in extended contact, wrote this last week
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