Then we finished the mediation

For the tariffed, this was a good settlement
Then we finished the mediation
At full seniority in A1 and 6 years seniority, this is 4.58% plus about 5700.- at night, public holidays and holiday pay on this sum.
37000, - as a minimum is not a bad settlement, so it is said.

But there are several things we did not get. MAF does not agree that the limit for the individually paid was 3.7%, however a minimum of 37,000. This is and will be too low. We had a clear expectation of a minimum of 4.3%, which would reflect the latest bid from the broker.

So to the technical requirements.
MAF had a clear requirement that the employer had to pay if they demanded that one had to travel in their spare time to get to their place of departure earlier. This is clearly aimed at quarantine and testing, but there are also other situations that could then be closed.
Our demand was included until the last round, so we did not get it. What one must take into account in this is that only IE had this requirement and it was MAF and another club that fronted this.

When you then look at the problems that several other clubs have in both chapters 8 and 9.2, as well as 3.7% for the individually paid, this actually had to be voted on.

MAF voted against what then became the final outcome as this did not include our requirements.

3 other clubs also voted against this.

More info on what the settlement itself gave will come.

Have a nice summer.
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