MAF informs January 15, 2022

AkerBP introduces requirement for Corona vaccine from 1 February 2022
MAF informs January 15, 2022
AkerBP has announced that it will introduce protection requirements for travel offhore. 

By protection they mean fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or that you have received the first vaccine dose (lasting 3-15 weeks), or that you have previously been confirmed positive for Covid-19 (by approved laboratory method, with duration from isolation until 12 months after test date).

This shall apply to everyone who travels offshore to AkerBP's installations and drilling rigs on AkerBP's contract.

IE has stated that they are highly critical of the process.


We have participated in a TEAMS meeting with Industri Energi together with all other local branches that may be affected by the decision. 

Nothing new came out of the meeting, but everyone has reported their concerns and challenges on the subject. IE states that they have established a working committee which will assess all the legal issues and provide advice and instructions.

Whether the companies may force employees to get vaccinated and whether they may force employees to state their vaccine status is not clear, but it is of course a subject that IE must present their opinion on and take a stand to as soon as possible. 

This concerns the entire industry and must be resolved by the central parties and we need quick answers. 

We will revert with more info as soon as there is news on the subject.
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