Info from monthly meeting with the company - September 2019

An info about TMS, apprentices in technical-dep/ maritime, Daily Safety Leader, hiring of Crane Operator, PPMS, oil-based drilling mud, Medhelp, VO seminar and Helicopter handling at Invincible.
Info from monthly meeting with the company - September 2019

Training Management Solutions (TMS)
It has been decided that TMS in MDN is postponed for the time being in order to see how GBS will look like in MDN. In practice, this means that the Training Department in MDN so far will exist as it is. In any case, MAF believes that this are tasks to be carried out by MDN.

Invincible- "Daily Safety Leader"
The company has now checked out what we thought was difficult to be implemented and that the position is now removed from the Technical Department. The arrangement will be continued for the Deck- and Drilling Department. As stated, this applies to Maersk Invincible only.

Apprentices in the Technical Department/ Maritime Department
For your information, the company will address this subject at the HR Forum to be arranged in Ulsteinvik next week. This is where most HR departments from our sector of the industry will meet. At this meeting MDN will present their/our ideas on how to implement such a scheme. The scheme is already implemented on fixed installations, but we are aware that there are other players who must be responsible onshore. 

We are told that our Rig Managers are basically positive to the scheme.  

Hiring in of Crane Operator at Interceptor
In our last info, which was fairly detailed on our points of view on the matter, we presented several questions to the company. These are not answered yet. We will provide more info as soon as possible.

New Personnel Performance Management System
The company informed that there will be a new system for employee performance interviews and assessments for the individual employee of Mærsk Drilling.
In Maersk Drilling Norway this will be introduced offshore straight away. All managers in the company will be trained accordingly. The main differences from the previous system are that you will not be ranked from 1-5, and that you now may actually evaluate your closest manager. We will provide more info.
Relating to the office in Norway, this new system will be implemented from start of the next year.

There has recently been a meeting to evaluate Medhelp and the usefulness of the programme. We were informed at the meeting that Medhelp was NOT implemented to reduce absence due to sickness. This came as total news to us, and perhaps even more reason to phase out the whole scheme. So, if it should not reduce sickness absence, what will be the intention of Medhelp?
The system has a 24 hour availability for the staff, you may obtain a lot of statistics and it is a tool that will make sure your closest manager will call you when he is supposed to according to a follow-up plan. For sure several other functions too, but the absence due to sickness it will be a subject for others to manage. 

That being said, the system is required by everyone at the office. No matter what, MAF is of the opinion that this is work that should have been carried out by MDN personnel.

Helicopter handling on Invincible
In order to avoid scheduled overtime and thus extra workload for Medics and Hotel Administrators, the company has decided that outside of normal working hours it will be drill floor workers who will handle helicopters with the tasks that follow. Therefore, 18 drilling floor workers are now sent on DaVinci courses. Flexible schemes are prepared at the rig. 

Practicing the agreement on oil-based drilling fluid
As previously mentioned, the company wants to renegotiate our agreement on the oil-based drilling mud from April 2009.
The company does not find it reasonable that the position of Operator Drilling should continue to be compared to DFO, and thus receive inconvenience allowance from the time when oil-based drilling mud is loaded into the pits and until it is removed from the rig and the pits are cleaned.
The company justifies this due to the fact that Operator Drilling does not have the same job functions in the pits as a DFO. They therefore believe that Operator Drilling should be compensated equal to other positions on board that come into contact with oil-based drilling mud.
If we do not agree on a new agreement, the company wants to terminate the current one, doing so the compensation will only be in accordance with clause 6.5 of the Collective Agreement.

VO seminar
Frode, Bår and Jørn will all attend at the VO seminar which will be held at Clarion Energy on 24-26 September 2019. We look forward meeting with all the VO's attending, and we expect many interesting discussions.

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