No temporary lay-offs in Maersk Drilling Norge

MAF and MDN agreed on agreement avoiding lay-offs.
No temporary lay-offs in Maersk Drilling Norge
Together with the company MAF today made an agreement that no lay-offs will be implemented as a result of 2 rigs leaving Norway and pending the Maersk Intrepid to start drilling again later this year. 

In a meeting with the company May 14 the parties agreed that 45 employees would be temporary laid off pending Maersk Intrepid to start drilling. 

For MAF, it was important that the current downsizing of crew was completed in full and that the company had to select those who would be transferred to Maersk Intrepid before any lay-offs could be implemented. 

What makes this agreement possible to avoid the uncertainty for 44 people's salaries this summer is that all personnel intended going to Maersk Intrepid will join an "Intrepid Resource Pool". This is an agreement that allows everyone who is now going to Maersk Intrepid to follow their 2-4 rotation, but with a flexible departure for offshore hitches stating departures on Wednesday plus/minus 2 days. In practice, this means that during the week you were supposed going offshore, you do not have a fixed day for departure, but you may be asked to join any Maersk Drilling Norway operated rigs from Monday to Friday. We have made similar agreements in the past with great success.

It is quite clear that by using the common ordinary lay-offs on each individual rig, personnel with the longest company seniority in each position would maintain their  fixed 2-4 rotation, but by using the local solution stated personnel with longest company seniority will help as many as 44 people retain full pay.

The alternative today would be 6 days on full wages after termination of time off from the last hitch offshore, then 14 days with wages up to 6G and then about 63% of 6G. Today, 6G is equal to approx. NOK 600,000.
(6 times the Basic Amount in Norway equal about NOKs 600,000, - per year, or approx. NOKs 50,000, - per month)

MAF hopes that this agreement will make everyone who is now encompassed will see the value of the fact that so many people are now avoiding lay-off, and that the period in the "Intrepid Resource Pool" will be short. Anyway, no one should be encompassed by the arrangement longer than at the latest until their first regular departure offshore after September 1st.

You can find the protocoll here

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